17 August 2005

What's Important? What's Urgent?

Welcome back! Hurry!

Seth Godin has an article today about the important distinction between important decisions and tasks and urgent ones. He gives some easy advice on how to tell the difference between the two and how to act upon the right ones in the right order.
The easiest way to deal with change and with all the anxieties that go with it is not to deal with it at all. The easiest thing to do is to allow the urgency of the situation to force us to make the decisions (or take the actions) that we'd rather not take. Why? Because then we don't have to take responsibility for what happens. The situation is at fault, not us. The beauty of the asymptotic curve is that at every step along the way, running ever faster for the plane is totally justified. The closer we get, the more we've invested ourselves. The more we invest in making our flight, the easier it is to justify running like a lunatic to make it.
You can read his whole piece here.

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