05 August 2005

Indiana, Massachusetts and northern New England

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The Clowes Fund, a family foundation, seeks to enhance the common good by encouraging organizations and projects that help to build a just and equitable society, create opportunities for initiative, foster creativity and the growth of knowledge, and promote appreciation of the natural environment.

In Indiana we give priority to social services and education in greater Indianapolis, defined as Marion County and the seven contiguous counties. Our education focus is on primary and secondary schools with an emphasis on classroom instruction. With the establishment of the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, The Clowes Fund will no longer make grants to arts organizations in Indiana.

In the area of social services (applicable in Indiana, Massachusetts and northern New England) we may give priority to Preliminary Proposals from organizations for projects or programs that address the needs of immigrant and refugee populations, or workforce development.

We are interested in supporting efforts to address the economic, legal, cultural and psychological hurdles that immigrants and refugees face during integration into American society. Our interest in workforce development is to assure that all individuals have available the support and services necessary to enable them to participate fully in the economic life of their communities.

The Preliminary Proposal, required for new grant seekers, is accepted between September 1st and November 1st.

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