22 October 2006

Cause Communications

Welcome back!

Benjamin Rodriguez did a presentation on Publicity for nonprofit organizations at the Tools for Transformation training this past week in Los Angeles and Pomona.

He suggested a free publication from Cause Communications, "COMMUNICATIONS TOOLKIT: A guide to navigating communications for the nonprofit world," that is available for free as a .pdf download here.

I have downloaded the document and started to read it. I believe that it will be a valuable resource to your nonprofit organization. This is what they say in the introduction:
We believe in the power of nonprofits to transform society. And we believe in the power of well-crafted communications to transform nonprofits. Effective communication can target the right message to the right audience at the right times. And an investment in appropriate, well-planned communications can increase rather than detract from the bottom line when resources and staffing are tight.
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05 October 2006

New Information about QuickBooks

Welcome back!

A 2007 edition of QuickBooks Premier for Nonprofits is available on the Intuit website. Intuit is the manufacturer of QuickBooks. When I looked this morning, the price listed is $399. There is also a 2007 QuickBooks Pro for $199.95. Nonprofits with which I have worked have successfully used either one successfully to track the financial progress of their organizations. If you are planning to do your own payroll, I understand that the newest version may be worth the extra expense. For most of my clients, I recommend they use a payroll service to manage the withholding taxes, FICA and other payroll related functions. It is best to look to your own financial expert for the best solution for your organization.

QuickBooks Premier 2006 Edition is still available from Amazon.com for $334.99. That price is up substantially from one month ago.

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