30 August 2005

Hurricane Disaster Response

Welcome back!

Hurricane Katrina is the most devastating storm to hit the United States ever. Several organizations are on the ground or will be soon to assist in the disaster relief after the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina.

The earliest responders are usually the largest organizations with the most capacity to be on the ground. After than, those with special niche capacity will take up the re-development efforts in partnership with business. Local government and the Red Cross will be the first to respond and are there now.

Mennonite Disaster Services (MDS), the Southern Baptist Convention and Christian Reformed World Relief will have volunteers on site later this week. Each of these organizations are asking for donations to help support their work. They normally offer opportunities for volunteers to respond. You can check their web-sites for information about volunteer training, recruitment and opportunities for folks with various skill sets.

There will be many other organizations responding, these were those with obvious announcements on their websites late this afternoon.

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