27 June 2005

Periodic Report due 1 July 2005

Periodic (quarterly) reports are due from sub-award grantees of the Capacity Partnership Project, Compassion Capital Fund by end of business on Friday, 1 July 2005. Please be sure to submit your on time, by email, to me or Carla. If you need a report form, call me. I am looking foward to reading your report.

26 June 2005

Dr. Carver, is the job of the board an easy one?

". . .we all know that simple and easy are not the same thing. Many things are simple in their expression, yet difficult to achieve. Pilot, we want the plane on the runway with the rubber parts down. Surgeon, we want a working kidney. Explorer, we want a new route to China. Researcher, we want a cure for cancer. We want the homeless in housing. We want the hungry well-fed. We want world peace. We want a person on the moon who returns safely to earth. We want a chicken in every pot.

"Those aims are simply expressed, but by no means easy. Simplicity does not enable us to expect effortlessness. And difficulty in no way detracts from importance."

From a speech given at the 2nd Annual Conference, "Good Governance in Action", of the International Policy Governance Association, June 3, 2005.

Make a litte progress every day

Last week I was with a client who said something like this:

We have made more progress in the last few months working on this project than I could have imagined. We had a hard time conceptualizing what capacity building is. You helped us find a consultant that understood me, understands our culture, the nature of our organization, and the unique situation we are in. And, now we are moving forward. We have found resources that we didn't know existed before. I have been personally encouraged. The tools that the consultant has provided are priceless. Thanks for sticking with us.

That is not an exact quote, but you get the picture. When I first met this client, she was discouraged and thought it always had to be that way. Their proposal was all about computer hardware that would have solve some specific issues but not the core of the matter. With a lot of discussion and revision we found a way to get a consultant who could sit down with this executive director, understood her situation, and helped her make progress.

Do you need this kind of help? Keep watching this space for information about next year's Capacity Partnerhsip Progect program.

23 June 2005

People tell me things that should be repeated!

The purpose of this new blog is to get some information about the work of the Capacity Partership Project out to the rest of our organizational clients. Some of the feedback I get, and the things that I learn from our clients is well worth repeating! You should be a part of it. Keep checking out the blog for more information.

22 June 2005

Ever take an online survey?

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

People asking questions about people who blog and their bloggin habits.

16 June 2005

Funding Opportunity: Workforce Investment Act

Welcome back! From MEDA's research team at the home office.

Workforce Investment Act—Limited English Proficiency and Hispanic Worker Initiative

Proposals due 15 August 2005 to the Department of Labor (DOL)

This link will begin the download of a .pdf (1.7 MB), the RFP announced today by the Employment and Training Administration. The grant focuses on providing literacy and jobs skills training to Hispanics. It seems like a fairly involved grant with several partners required, but the grant is big $500,000 -- $ 1 million. Maybe one of the CDCs would be able to apply. Here is the link if you need to copy and paste it into your browser.


Executive Summary: The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA), announces the availability of approximately $5 million in demonstration grant funds to test unique and innovative training strategies for services to individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) (those who do not speak English as their primary language and who have a limited ability to read, speak, write, or understand English 1 ) and Hispanic Americans, specifically, those who lack basic and occupational skills needed by high-growth occupations. This demonstration program is targeted to incumbent workers, new job entrants or youth who lack the language, basic skills, and occupational skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century workplace. This demonstration program emphasizes the use of innovative contextualized learning strategies which simultaneously provide language and occupational skills training that open career opportunities and pathways for LEP and Hispanic Americans.

The Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and Hispanic Worker Initiative is a strategic effort to improve access to employment and training services for LEP persons and to better serve Hispanic Americans through workforce investment programs that address the specific workforce challenges facing these individuals. Grant funds awarded under this Solicitation for Grant Applications (SGA) should be used to develop unique and innovative strategies that specifically address the workforce challenges of LEP individuals and Hispanic Americans. Applications must reflect a strategic partnership between the public workforce investment system, the employer community, the education and training community, and, if applicable, community-based or faith-based organizations. It is anticipated that individual awards will fall within the range of $500,000 to $1 million. The Department reserves the right to award grants at either lower or higher amounts.

12 June 2005

Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Initiative

Last year, Los Angeles Capacity Partner Susan Burton of A New Way of Life was a 2004 Neighborhood (S)Hero and Centro Campesino in south Florida was Neighborhood Excellence Initiative recipient.

Good News! The program is back!

The 2005 Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Initiative is underway. Through this unique program, qualified organizations can apply to be awarded $200,000 in unrestricted general operating support to further the work of their organization.


The Neighborhood Excellence Initiative is designed to recognize and reward
individuals and groups who are making a difference in their communities,
and is divided into three categories of recipients:

  • Neighborhood Builders - Provides $200,000 in grant funding and leadership training over two years to two neighborhood non-profit organizations working to promote vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Local Heroes - Recognizes and honors five community heroes per year; recipients will be able to direct a $5,000 contribution to an eligible non-profit of their choice.
  • Student Leaders - Recognizes five high school students who are recommended as exemplary young people with an interest in improving their neighborhoods. Each student will participate in an eight-week paid internship with a community-based organization, as well as a mentoring program arranged by Bank of America.

To learn more about the program and for details on the application process, click here

Nomination Deadline: June 30, 2005 8PM Eastern

03 June 2005

Eight Principles of the Heroic Environment

These are the shared principles that govern organizations consulted by Mr. Lebew and articulated in his book, The Journey into the Heroic Environment. It is another in the series of books on leadership that help organizations create an environment to move forward to accomplish its outcomes or ends.

  1. Treat others with uncompromising truth.
  2. Lavash trust on your associates.
  3. Be willing to mentor, and be open to mentoring from anyone.
  4. Be receptive to new ideas, regardless of their source.
  5. Take personal risks for the organization's sake.
  6. Give credit where credit is due.
  7. Be honest and ethical in all matters.
  8. Put the interests of others before your own.

01 June 2005

International Policy Governance Association

I will be in Scottsdale, Arizona at the International Policy Governance Association second annual conference, Good Governance in Action June 2-4, 2005. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at this conference.

I will also have the opportunity to visit with Dennis Beatty of First Baptist Church of Prescott to chat about Policy Governance and its application in church settings.

UPDATE: Someone asked how many people are attending. The answer is about 200.