20 November 2004

Local Hero Susan Burton


MEDA Capacity Partnership Project participant Susan Burton of A New Way of Life Re-entry Project, was awarded the Neighborhood Hero Award by Bank of America. She is pictured here near the center in pink with here board of directors. Congratulations Susan from all of us.

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25 October 2004

Policy Governance Academy 2004, Atlanta, GA

Welcome back.

It was a great opportunity to study Policy Governance with its designer John Carver and Miriam Mayhew Carver. Here we are pictured with the group who participated in the Policy Governance Academy this week.

Policy Governance Academy in Atlanta Georgia

I had the great opportunity to attend the week long Policy Governance Academy in Atlanta this week with John and Miriam Carver. Policy Governance is a complete system that boards can use to fully embrace their opportunity to lead an organization to its fullest potential.

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13 September 2004

Good Book

Welcome back!

from Good Publishing

And this one about helping leaders go with their strengths.

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11 August 2004

In search of a model of legitimate leadership

Welcome back!

I have been looking for some good material on leadership that makes sense. Something that squares with what I have experienced and seen to influence people in a positive way. I witness an excess of poor leadership--bullies pushing people around; I'd like to see something better than that.

I found this book hard to start--too much like a tract trying to convert me to something I already believe and the print type and graphics made it hard to read on an airline seat with poor lighting.

After all of that, I got into it, and found some gems worth reading and sharing with others. I read "A Devotional on Successorship" at a recent meeting, emphasizing the importance of teaching a new generation to be leaders and helping them fit into structures before us old guys are gone.

What do you recommend?

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08 August 2004

Boards that Make a Difference and Reinventing Your Board

Welcome back!

This set is the essential starting place for someone interested in starting the path to Policy Governance(r).

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02 August 2004

What is the unique value that the board brings to an organiztaion?

A board has unique values or products that it can bring if it rises to the occasion.

The board’s contribution or products must include:

1. Linkage with the moral “ownership”
2. Explicit governing values
3. Assurance of organization performance and avoidance of unacceptable situations

05 June 2004

John Carver in Los Angeles for CCF

Along with the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce, Riordan Volunteer Leadership Development Project, JobStarts, and others, MEDA had sponsored a one day workshop on Policy Governance with John Carver the author of Boards That Make a Difference : A New Design for Leadership in Nonprofit and Public Organizations (J-B Carver Board Governance Series) and other books.

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04 April 2004

Capacity building through economic development and asset building

Welcome back!

Met with various organizational clients to help design economic development projects and then assist in the application process to Health and Human Services Office Community Service department for funding. Various planning grants were funded in the second year.

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08 February 2004

These kids love this guy

Scott Parker and his wife Moon provide artistic expression for kids through their Starfish Studios. Kids write, direct, produce, act in movies that are sold as DVDs and shown in public forums. On this evening they are doing skits that they wrote to develop ideas for future projects. They are also learning how to act and what works and what doesn't.

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