26 June 2005

Make a litte progress every day

Last week I was with a client who said something like this:

We have made more progress in the last few months working on this project than I could have imagined. We had a hard time conceptualizing what capacity building is. You helped us find a consultant that understood me, understands our culture, the nature of our organization, and the unique situation we are in. And, now we are moving forward. We have found resources that we didn't know existed before. I have been personally encouraged. The tools that the consultant has provided are priceless. Thanks for sticking with us.

That is not an exact quote, but you get the picture. When I first met this client, she was discouraged and thought it always had to be that way. Their proposal was all about computer hardware that would have solve some specific issues but not the core of the matter. With a lot of discussion and revision we found a way to get a consultant who could sit down with this executive director, understood her situation, and helped her make progress.

Do you need this kind of help? Keep watching this space for information about next year's Capacity Partnerhsip Progect program.

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