26 June 2005

Dr. Carver, is the job of the board an easy one?

". . .we all know that simple and easy are not the same thing. Many things are simple in their expression, yet difficult to achieve. Pilot, we want the plane on the runway with the rubber parts down. Surgeon, we want a working kidney. Explorer, we want a new route to China. Researcher, we want a cure for cancer. We want the homeless in housing. We want the hungry well-fed. We want world peace. We want a person on the moon who returns safely to earth. We want a chicken in every pot.

"Those aims are simply expressed, but by no means easy. Simplicity does not enable us to expect effortlessness. And difficulty in no way detracts from importance."

From a speech given at the 2nd Annual Conference, "Good Governance in Action", of the International Policy Governance Association, June 3, 2005.

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