11 August 2007

"See you in Court . . ."

Welcome back!

. . . promises to answer these questions:
  • What is conflict of interest?
  • Can nonprofits hold a raffle?
  • What constitutes wrongful termination?
  • Are the independent consultants you use really employees?
  • Do you know what the penalties are for these and other management mistakes?
You can find more information here.

Speakers such as Kafi Blumenfield, President/CEO of Liberty Hill; and James Cordi, representative from California's Attorney General's Office will answer your your questions and more in "See You In Court" on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 from 9 AM to 12 Noon at the Center a Cathedral Plaza.

When we talked Friday about training programs and sessions we noted that not all are as good as they should be. One of the ways that I try to determine the potential quality of a workshop is to look at the person who is presenting it. In this case, I would want to hear what these people have to say about these topics.

I found this information in Nonprofit Directions (Vol. 14, Issue 31), a publication of Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management.

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