11 August 2007

Pro Bono Legal help for Nonprofit Organizations

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Lots of questions at our workshop on Friday. That is good. Some of the questions were related to legal issues that I declined to answer, even though I may have expressed my opinions or told you what I had heard attorneys say to others. For real legal help you can contact Public Counsel.

Nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles County can access pro bono (free) legal help for your organization through Public Counsel.

For organizations working in the area of community development, you can go directly to this. Other areas of specialty areas are listed here and include immigrant rights, consumer law, child care law, children's rights, and homelessness prevention.

You may want to get legal counsel before entering into a contract, incorporating, developing a partnership where two parties will have responsibilities and benefits. Realize that it may take some time to get your legal counsel. But if you are not in a hurry, this is the place to go. Public Counsel may choose not to help with issues that are already or going to litigation.

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