06 May 2006

World Vision Tools for Transforming Communities 2006 CCF Grantee Sub-Award Information

Welcome back! Theresa Lu was using information from this text in a handout that I used in the various orientation meetings in both Los Angeles and Pomona. This should help you conceptualize a project for the sub-award program.

World Vision in Los Angeles (WVLA) will provide several capacity-building grants to competitively selected grassroots organizations in parts of Pomona and South Los Angeles that participate in the Tools For Transformation project to help build their capacity to serve their communities.

The sub-awardees will be faith-based (FBO) and community-based (CBO) organizations that provide services including programs for the homeless, re-entering prisoners, children of prisoners, at-risk youth, addicts, elders in need, families transitioning from welfare to work, and healthy marriage programs. These sub-awards will increase capacity and sustainability by building infrastructure. Ideas for use of sub-award funds:

Capacity Areas and
Examples of Potential Sub–awards
  • Leadership Development
Funds for board development training, volunteer training or development of standard operating procedures, succession plan development
  • Community Engagement
Funds to support a process to develop cultural competency, community needs assessment or asset mapping
  • Program/Service Development / Management
Funds to help set up evaluation / monitoring systems, training to enhance programs/services
  • Organizational Development
Funds for a financial review or audit, assess financial/accounting systems, upgrade software and/or equipment, long range strategic planning, 501(c)(3) application, formal organizational audit
  • Funding/Sustainability
Funds for a consultant to assess/recommend fund development strategies, to support a new communication / cooperative network among service providers

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ShamPomonaFirst said...

what would be a good definition of cultural competency?

Glen said...

Thanks for the great question, Sham. I have posted some thoughts to help frame your thinking about this in a new post here. Are you thinking about this topic for further work with your capacity building?