05 May 2006

Fundraising Training--More Information

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On Friday, May 5 (in Los Angeles) and Friday, May 12 (in Pomona), 2006 I am the trainer for the Tools for Transforming Communities program at World Vision, funded by the Compassion Capital Fund.

I have more information than can possibly be communicated in the 3 hour session, and there is plenty that can best be seen on the internet, rather than printed on paper.

This post will direct those interested in more information to the source of the material. After the session, I may post another entry with answers to questions that come up during the trainings. Please feel free to post a question here using the comments feature.

I found this interesting piece on running a successful carwash at the City of Los Angeles' website: HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL CAR WASH FUNDRAISER, By Lance Winslow III, February 1999, This edition is a product of
The City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works, Storm Water Management Program and The Car Wash Guys, For more information, please call the City of Los Angeles, Stormwater Hotline at: (800) 974-9794 Or visit us at: www.cityofla.org/san/swmd. You can download a 45 page document that helps you organize a carwash to raise funds. Interesting.

For more information on the California Nonprofit integrity Act of 2004 (SB ) you can read Charitable Trusts--California Department of Justice--Office of the Attorney General and you can download an informative summary from that website.

Information about getting a permit to do fundraising events and mailing in the City of Los Angeles is available from the Los Angeles Police Department. Interestingly, it took about 8 telephone calls to the mayor's office, city council districts 10 and 8, county supervisor's office, county public affairs office,several searches on the City's web site. None of these found the information that was needed. A google search with: "fundraising permit Los Angeles" is what got me to the Los Angeles Police Department's information here.

Information about nonprofit management and resources from the City of Los Angeles.

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