12 October 2005

Software for financial management

I have often been asked questions about financial managment software that is appropriate for various sizes and complexity nonprofit organizations. I have also had conversations with folks with a lot more experience in that field includind bookkeepers and auditors. Auditors are most likely to point out the limitations of the various software packages--both simple and complex. It usually goes back to QuickBooks from Intuit. I have used QuickBooks Pro 2005 for Mac in various version over many years with much success both for nonprofit organization bookkeeping and for my own business bookkeeping. There is also a QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit Edition 2005 that I was slow to learn the value of, but some of our clients and consultants are quite convinced. I know buinsesses that range size from $10,000 to $10 million who are satisfied with QuickBooks.

There seem to be plenty of other resources around Quickbooks including CPA firms and bookkeepers and third party publications--search QuickBooks in Amazon or Google.

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