14 October 2005

Capacity Partnership Project comes to an end

The two-years that I worked for MEDA’s capacity building work, funded by the Compassion Capital Fund, and what we later called the Capacity Partnership Project, were filled with joy. I hope that we keep in touch.

My colleagues at MEDA were wonderful to work with and those client agencies in the field made all that traveling worth the effort of getting on another commercial aircraft for yet another long flight.

We were hoping that our project would have been funded for another 17-months and our feedback from DHHS on our application was very positive. We are told that because of geographic consideration, other intermediaries were funded instead. My contract with MEDA ended on Friday, October 14, 2005. But, this doesn’t have to be the end of our work together.

I would be delighted to hear from you if you’d like to consider contracting directly with me, or with MEDA, to continue your capacity building work. I know that many of the projects we had started with the 40 plus organizations are well worth continuing. If you are one of our CPP partners you know the value of planning and moving forward in any of the organizational development and capacity building areas. We can negotiate reasonable rates for your organization.

These are the areas in which I am particularly interested in serving your organizations:
  • Policy Governance® training, policy writing, implementation, technical assistance
  • Organizational Assessment and capacity development planning
  • Planning: strategic, business, resource development
  • Training, adult learning strategies
  • Program development, microenterprise, community economic development, workforce development
  • Program outcomes and impact evaluation

You may think of other areas we may work together. And, if you are aware of other organizations in need of these services, please contact me by leaving a comment by clicking the “comment” link below.

You may also see my consulting web site: capacitypartnership.com.

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