18 July 2005

Good Conflict--Constructive Conflict

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If managing conflict means there is no conflict in your organization, you might be missing an importang opportunity to learn and to lead.
If people smile, nod, and say "yes" at your company, maybe it's time to start an argument. According to HBS professor Michael Roberto, the lack of good conflict—constructive conflict—within an organization makes it that much harder to accurately evaluate business ideas and make important decisions. . . . But conflict does not mean browbeating.
The interview with Michael Roberto by Martha Lagace, Senior Editor, Harvard Bunisnes School's Working Knowledge is an interesting read. Click throught the title of this post to read the whole article. CPP organizational client leader Chris Provence of Rebuilding the Wall in Indianapopis told us that he sees conflict as a good thing. It can't be avoided when working with people, better use it to your advantage.

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