12 August 2010

Recommended Board Member Notebook Contents

Welcome back! Sometimes I get some really good questions from clients about board issues. I liked this question about what information is routinely needed by board members and at board meetings. Here are my ideas for 2010.
  • Board Level Policy Document: (1) Ends, (3) Staff Limitations, (3) Board-staff linkage, (4) board process (includes conflict of interest, compensation policy)
  • Bylaws
  • Minutes from previous meetings
  • Board roster that includes contact information and affiliations
  • Board member commitment letter, conflict of interest declaration (signed copy)
  • Board Agenda Schedule (calendars board meetings 18-24 months into the future)
  • Organizational calendar with all organization’s events
  • Most recent board process training content, example: Governance Matters, Good Training document: Governance is Leadership Excellence by Capacity Partnership Group.
Several new clients now have this as a training tool to orient new board members and assist board doe their work. Your ideas matter here! Please leave a comment.

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