02 July 2010

Introduction Questions for Board Leaders


These questions are to help you begin thinking about your role as a board member and work of boards of directors for your organization.  Think about these and give it your best shot to answer them on paper and bring your thoughts to our training workshop.
  • What is the board for?
  • What job outputs should the board produce?
  • What is the relationship between a board and the organization’s staff?
  • What difficulties has your board faced?
  • What questions do you have today about boards?
  • Does the board have a model or resource to look toward for help, structure or advice?
 Boards do not necessarily do what they need to do or hold themselves accountable for job outputs. After you have thought about these questions, go to this link and read some basic definitions and review your answers. This is were we will begin our work together at the training workshop.

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