24 January 2010

New Topics for Workshop training and technical assistance for application

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2010 Workshop Topics

This is a partial list of topics and concerns that Capacity Partnership can address for your group or organization. Topics can be presented as training workshops or combined with a process to implement and integrate the content with your organization or church. Three of the topics are newly tested and received high evaluations from the participants.

  1. Nonprofit Basics:  through advanced Board Governance for nonprofit organizations: Good Governance—Leadership Excellence, Governance Matters, “Board Rooms Bar Fights and Beautiful Music—more of the later, less of the later”
  2. Nonprofit Basics: Strategic Planning—a road map for accomplishing organizational results and improving its capacity to do that better. Moving away from “strategic planning is stupid” to planning as a process to inform the life of your organization.
  3. Nonprofit Basics: Strategic Resource Development—finding the partners and resources to move toward your vision and fulfilling your mission.
  4. Nonprofit Basics: Navigate your Nonprofit Status, Discover the benefits and responsibilities afforded by a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status
  5. Nonprofit Basics: Policies and Procedures: Clarify your organizational values with clear, written policies and procedures.
  6. Nonprofit Basics: Assessment and capacity building.
  7. Nonprofit Basics: Collaboration and Partnerships
  8. Nonprofit Basics: Financial Management and Systems. Financial literacy for people person who think they don’t understand numbers and dollars.
  9. Visioning. If you can you see your community, the people who live and work there in a new and better way there is a way of getting you there.
  10. Justice and Compassion Ministry for the Church. Does the Bible really say all that about the poor, the widows, the orphans and the strangers? Then how do we move to a response that will really help?
  11. Immigration and immigrants, Christian perspective. Christians at the Border: a biblical look at immigrants and immigration. Cristianos en la frontera: una mirada bíblica en los inmigrantes y la inmigración.

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