25 March 2009

Twenty things to do through the crises (and all the time for that matter)

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A panel of nonprofit and community organization leaders got together last week and talked about what people need to know and what they are doing and consider the way through the current situation and beyond. Here are some highlights:

  • Assess where you are today—board, staff, programs, think strategically
  • Evaluate things you already have available volunteers, clients (can help solve problems), board members, donors, who else?
  • If already in trouble, don’t panic, get help
  • Make changes
  • Communicate and increase donorship and stewardship
  • Get everyone involved in fundraising—get everyone at the table
  • Focus on mission (production of ends) and beneficiaries
  • There are no problems that are new or unique—someone has survived this problem before you.
  • “Credit is a ghost, dead and gone” –Merrill Lynch (Bank of America)
  • Transparency and accountability—have a communication policy and plan
  • Siloing and adversarial relationships are not helpful.
  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • “Shop outside of your own closet” encourage communication
  • Ask why board members endorse your organization—do more of that (hedgehog)
  • Demonstrate credibility with consistent and clear marketing and market position.
  • Crisis is an opportunity. Get the message out how now is the time for your donors, volunteers, and others to engage
  • New opportunity for volunteer service—new funding coming down for National Service Corporation
  • Be aware of new IRS accountability and reporting. Changes on charitable giving
  • Make a plan for planned giving
  • Use this as a mobilizing moment—how important is it that we will keep doing what we are doing? Engage others in this passion.
Capacity Partnership Group can help you negotiate your way through this.

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