20 May 2008

Workshop on Board Governance

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Governance Matters

I will be presenting this workshop at the Southern California Center for nonprofit Management on June 12, 2008 as a volunteer facilitator. I contributed the following article to Nonprofit Directions.

Governance is vital for any organization. In an environment where resources are scarce and news of resource misuse seems to be rampant, good governance is becoming increasingly important for the success of all organizations.

Boards of directors add value to the organization they serve through certain job outputs. The board holds itself accountable for these roles of:
  • Clearly articulating what the organization should accomplish and who should benefit on behalf of its members or moral ownership. More than just the activities and busyness, this result will make a difference in the world outside the walls of the organization.
  • Developing accountability as an organizational characteristic. The board provides assurance that the expected results were produced and unacceptable situations were avoided; and the cost was worth the result.
  • Understanding their trustee function and acting on behalf of its membership.

These job outputs are the unique contributions of a board of directors, and no other person or group can fill these roles. Once these job outputs are understood, the board is responsible to hold itself accountable and to accomplish its duty of care, loyalty and obedience.

On Thursday, June 12, we will discuss the unique value that a board brings to an organization. Ideally, the executive director and board chairperson will participate in this workshop together to determine if adopting a comprehensive set of governance principles will help the board more effectively do its work.

Good Governance is Leadership Excellence
Thursday, June 12, 2008
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Half Day)
Special Fee: $200 (Covers Executive and 1 Board Member)

Registration Information Here.

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