10 March 2007

Compassion Capital Fund Targeted Capacity Building Program

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Applications for Targeted Capacity Building Program are due April 10, 2007. $50,000 "mini-grants" to help promising organizations increase their corporate capability and infrastructure and bolster their sustainability.

The purpose of the CCF Targeted Capacity Building program is to help build the capacity of grassroots faith-based and community organizations that address the needs of distressed communities. The CCF Targeted Capacity Building program funds capacity building activities that produce measurable effects resulting in more sustainable organizations. Capacity building activities ensure that grassroots organizations have the tools to facilitate key changes within their organizations. By addressing issues that are critical to the long-term viability of organizations, non-profits are better prepared and positioned to understand and meet the needs of the communities they serve.

CCF Targeted Capacity Building grants will be awarded to grassroots faith-based and community organizations serving distressed communities. These grassroots organizations must use the funds in one of the four social service priority areas of need (e.g., at-risk youth, homelessness, healthy marriage, or rural communities) toward their organization's capacity building in at least one of five critical areas of capacity building: 1) leadership development, 2) organizational development, 3) program development, 4) revenue development strategies, and 5) community engagement.

Contact us right away for assistance conceptualizing a project, carrying it out and applying for this program.

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