17 September 2006

CCDA in Philadelphia--The Leadership Challenge

Welcome back!

I will speak to the Tools For Transforming Communities group at Pomona First Baptist Church in Pomona on Thursday, September 21, 2006; 6:30 - 9:30 PM. I'll give a 75 minute version of the same workshop in Philadelphia at the Christian Community Development Association confernce on Friday, September 29, 2006 at 2:45 PM. If you are going to be at the CCDA conference, come and see me at the workshop. I will arrive at CCDA in Philadelphia after 6 PM on Thursday, September 28. I leave early morning on Saturday. If you'd like to meet with me or talk about governance give me a call or leave me a message on this blog.

After I gave this talk to the Los Angeles T4TC group in Los Angeles last week, I got this message via email from one of the participants:
I wanted to mention that I really enjoyed your training on Thursday night. I thought it was one of the better ones and am hopeful that we can still get you for another board session. I went through my board hell back in 2001 and it struck me that it would probably have never happened had the board had a written set of policies.

My workshop in Philadelphia is titled: Board Leadership - Goverance Excellence

What does a real board do? A real board needs to know its job and have the right tools. Real governance is the highest level of organizational leadership. The job of governance is about values, vision, empowerment of both the board and staff, and the strategic ability to lead leaders.
Friday 29-Sep - 2:45-4:00

Please come by and see what we can learn together.

Your ideas matter here! Please leave a comment.


IndyChristian said...

Glen... I was glad to run across your post just now. Wish you well re your presentation at CCDA. Encourage everyone to stay in touch with CCDAblog.com while at the conference.

And if they'll tag their items around the net (stories, blogs, articles, photos & videos), including the keyword 'ccda', we'll hope to collect them in a bin of such items.... HERE.


Ryan said...

Kingdom Causes Signal Hill is us. I actually wrote the grant for our Homeless Task Force work. Praise God for his provision.