16 May 2005

Questions and Issues from the AEO conference session on Board Leadership Governance Excellence

In a seminar at the Association of Enterprise Opportunity, I asked those in our group to define what issues and questions they have about board governance. We used these as starting points for hitting the important issues of governance and specifically, Policy Governance (r).

  • We are a new organization and we are wrestling with building a program and establishing policies and procedures that support smart, sustained growth.
  • How do you get the board to do what it is supposed to do (manage the board, bring awareness to organization, fundraise, legal oversight, financial oversight . . . ) and not what it isn't supposed to do?
  • How to have a board not managed by the executive director?
  • Forming a new board, how do we establish distinct functions for board members and staff?
  • We are re-organizing a dysfunctional board--there are inappropriate board members, original stakeholders whose relevance has been passed by.
  • How is the board to deal with issues of --staff compensation, board stipends, broad range development vs narrow range development, board size.

I'll address these and other issues here. We provide day long training for boards and consulting to create and install consistent and comprehensive policies at the board level.

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